Sunday, January 26, 2014

Back on track!

Hey guys... I'm rebuilding my blog after some sort of snafu that killed my Wordpress blog. I'm also moving everything over to (as it's a little more 'professional' than ipoopart). I moved my old 'blogger' blog over to my domain, so I have some additional changes / improvements to make while I get that all setup/situated as well.

So, when everything took a dive, I also lost a lot of old posts too... I was able to get some back... but nothing after Oct. of 2012. So I lost pretty much everything I posted last year - most of it was just links to my Instagram pics, since I've been doing that in lew of 'actual' blogging. Oh well... nothing to do by to move forward.

This year is going to be a better year for me. I have lots planned... and tons to work on. So stay tuned, cuz' when this thing hit's 88mph... well, you know the rest!

And before I get outta here... This is a print of Velma that I finally I finished last night...

I'm going to make a trip to my local printshop to get some prints made of this one soon. So if you are interested, let me know!

Oh... and I'm going to be on a local podcast - 10 Drink Minimum tonight from 8-10ish, to talk about comics. Should be a lot of fun (I've not really done a podcast before, so I'm sure I'm gonna sound like a dork!)

As soon as I know the link for the show - I'll post it up on my facebook (

Stay tuned for more.


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