Sunday, October 14, 2012

T-Shirt all the things...

Hey ARTfans!

Got some good news! (If you haven't heard it yet through all of my 'other' social media channels). TeeFury has accepted one of my designs. My Sci-Fi / Yin Yang was approved... I sent in the final artwork on Friday... and I should hear in a week or two when it will be up for sale on their site.

*If your unfamiliar with TeeFury... They post T-Shirts for 24 hours and sell them for $10/each. The designs come from artists who submit their work to the site. It's a great deal, and the designs are consistently awesome, and it's a great chance for artists to get their work seen by a bunch of people (and make some money too!)

TeeFury just passed 106,000 likes on Facebook... so there is a potential for this one piece of art to be the most viewed arrangement of scribbles that I've ever done.

This morning I submitted another design... and I'm crossin' my fingers this one might get picked up as well!

Lets see... If you have been checking this site... you may have noticed the addition of the Instagram stream on the right. I did this a couple of weeks ago. I'm not posting blog posts as often as I should. But I'm trying to keep myself drawing. Usually if I do a sketch at work (and it's worth posting) I try to snap a pic w/ my phone, and post it on Instagram. Now, those are automatically posted here as well. I've actually had a fair amount of views on each of these... and the number of 'likes' seems to be increasing with each image I post. It's been pretty great to get that unsolicited 'nod' of approval for my stuff. I will continue to post those as often as I can... so keep coming back to check - or if yer' using Instagram... you can follow me at @TheRedNeb

Also... I'm planning on making an appearance during 24 Hour Comic Book Day on the night of Oct. 20th. This year is it being held at the Media Arts Collaborative Charter School. It's going from Noon on Saturday, Oct. 20th thru Noon on Sunday, October 21st. I'll probably only be there for a few hours on Saturday night... to show some support.

Also, the following weekend - October 27th and 28th, I will be at the first annual Tri-Con. I'll be at the 7000 BC booth most of the day on Saturday, and for a few hours on Sunday. If yer' in the area, come stop by and say "Hi!"

Well... that's about it for this time... I gotta get back to drawin'


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