Friday, October 19, 2012

October 2012 - SketchDUMP

Hey ARTfans...

Not much of an update today... but here's a quick sketchDUMP of various things I've been doodling this month. (There are a couple here from late September as well...)

[caption id="attachment_313" align="aligncenter" width="584"] Click to experience the BIGness![/caption]

Back to work now... I have two shirt ideas I want to get knocked out, and then hopefully back to drawing Stomping Ground!



  1. Yo! How'd you create that? Would you mind stopping by the League sometime to explain the process? Maybe we can feature it on the blog even.

  2. Sure thing man... It's super easy! Just drop the each of pencils in Photoshop in a different layer, and make each layer "DARKEN" a setting under Layers... this will let you 'stack' them all together... then add a new layer on top of everything else... Paint Bucket the entire layer blue (I used something close to a non-photo-blue RGB 109,208,247. Make that layer a "SCREEN" layer... and viola'. All there is to it.

    Where is this 'League' you speak of???

  3. Is that a Pandaren in there?

  4. Yup Sally! Just a sketch I did when MoP came out... my wife was super excited about the new expansion... and I even got sucked in for a bit... but if I play WoW... I don't draw... so I cancelled my account again. Still enjoy the game... but it's a choice I have to make! Nice to see people payin' attention tho'! :)


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