Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Halloween... at the House of Spooks...

Happy Halloween ARTfans!!!

As you’ve probably noticed… I’m running a little behind after NM Tri-Con. And I’m posting this a lot later than I had intended.

So here ‘it’ is… my Post Show Review… New Mexico Tri-Con – the Most Complete Pop Culture Event this Side of the Apocalypse was held at the Santa Ana Star Center – a stadium complex pretty close to my neck of the woods… so for once, going to a con didn’t involve a ton of time and gas just to get to it!

I volunteered to work the 7000 BC booth at this show. 7000 BC is a local collective of indie comic book creators, a group that I joined up with at the beginning part of this year, and have enjoyed being a part of very much! On Friday afternoon, John & Jenn Myers met me at the Star Center to get setup knocked out. They were nice enough to transport all of the books and table stuffs for 7000 BC, in addition to all the stuff for their own table. Setup went pretty quick, and everything was pretty much ready to go for Saturday.

BTW – John & Jenn are creators of Typo’d Mary and All The Growing Things. If you haven’t checked these out… go, now!!! Jenn’s art is seriously some of my very favorite stuff… her backgrounds are friggin’ fantastic!!! They’re working on publishing a collected book very soon, and you can be sure I will do everything I can to promote it all over my social circles. I’m very excited, and can’t wait to see this book! I’m also excited for the opportunity to be able to do a pin-up image for the finished collection!

Saturday morning, after a few minutes of tidying up and putting out tags, we were  ready for the con to get underway. The doors opened to the public at 9am, and the show got underway. Chuck Larntz joined me for most of the day on Saturday as well, and it was really great spending most of the day with him at the table! (Chuck is a writer, and has written a few different books, including My name is Andre - He's was responsible for the live blog from 24 Hour Comic Day that I linked to in my last post). I picked up some tips and techniques for the 7000BC table. Josh McCoy of Rhinestone Ronin joined us for the back half of the show as well. It was great to get to meet and talk to him. It was also great seeing and talking to Peter & Paul Ziomek again – creators of Fakin’ the Funk (also members of 7000BC) who had their own table across the aisle from our table. Paul was doing some awesome sketches at the con, and Peter was working on some great Halloween themed sketchcards!!! And I stopped in and said hello to Andy Kuhn and David "ArtAssassin" Harrigan as well. It was great to hear how David is liking his new Cintiq!!!

Saturday was another great opportunity to meet some new people, show some of my artwork, and talk about our property - Stomping Ground. I sold quite a few of the 2012 Field Guide’s during the course of the day, and almost as many Coloring Books… All in all, it was really positive!

Sunday was a little slower. Bram & Monica Meehan of Raised by Squirrels were there for about 4 hours on Sunday. Bram really helped to get my knowledge up on the other books at the 7000BC table (I haven’t been able to read very many yet, so my descriptions have been very vague). This helped a lot when talking to the people on the other side of the table… and really got me interested in everything the creators in our group are doing. John Sumrow made it in about 40 minutes before I had to leave for the day, and Chuck made it back as well… so the booth was well manned when I left around 2pm. It was awesome getting to see John again and catch up - (He's got a shirt that should be hitting TeeFury on Nov. 5th, so stay tuned for that - I've seen it', it's AWESOME!!!)

From what I heard, Sunday never did really pick up, just turned out to be a slower day all around… but most of the people I saw walking around still seemed to be having fun… and it was supposedly ‘Kids Day’ so there were quite a few kids running around in their Halloween costumes a few days early… most of the booths had candy just for the kids – so as you can imagine, they were excited and full of energy!

Saturday night I was able to ink my third commission – Conan the Barbarian for Josh at Twin Suns.

[caption id="attachment_331" align="aligncenter" width="764"] Bar... Bar... Bar... Bar... Bar...[/caption]

I was also able to knock out a quick Artoo for Megan, one of the Bob-ombshells

[caption id="attachment_332" align="aligncenter" width="728"] Droid Love...[/caption]

I hear this is going to find a frame and a home in her ‘collection hutch’ so that’s pretty awesome!!!

Sunday night… As much as I wanted to work… I was pretty wiped out after the con, fighting back a cold – (or con-crud), and I had a full belly from a huge/delicious dinner that we had on Sunday w/ my folks… so I ended up crawling under the covers, watched a couple of episodes of Dr. Who, and called it a night.

Monday was my wife, Wendi's birthday (Happy Birf’day Sweetie)… I gave her the World of Warcraft print that I had been working on for her… She loved it!

[caption id="attachment_335" align="aligncenter" width="698"] Her WoW toon is called Maeybe -- Get it?[/caption]

So… that catches us up to last night.

During my lunch hour on Tuesday… I did this quick sketch of Wonder Woman…

Wasn’t too bad, and actually went pretty quick.

And on Tuesday night… I doodled out this Boy Blue from Fables. Drew from Twin Suns, had mentioned that he really wanted to have me do this for a commission… not being familiar with Fables (past the first trade paperback) I figured I’d do a little research… the sketch just sorta happened… I hadn’t really planned on doing it yet, but when the muse strikes…

I’m happy to say that Drew saw this last night, loved it, and wants me to go ahead and ink it… and he’ll pick it up from me when it’s done.

I got another commission in the works right now… It’s a little different for me, but it’s a good challenge. (It’s a gift for someone, so I probably won’t be posting it here)

That’s about it… tonight, the ghosts and goblins are out. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get any time at the drawing table, but we’ll see.

Everyone be safe out there tonight! And have fun!

Happy Halloween!!!





  1. Whew, that is quite the compliment, thank you!

    I'm glad to hear the run down of the con - my husband just reported it as, "Cool", "Fun," and "It's great hanging out with those guys." For a writer, he doesn't talk much sometimes!

    It was really great talking to you though, you're a font of information, and I've been trying to get better at tagging (as I see you've done here) and I'm very impressed by all the commissions you've done, just in this week alone!

  2. Jenn.... I meant every word! I really dig yer' work!

    I'm glad that I can impart some information... I'm usually on the other side of that, pressing everyone around me for any nugget of wisdom I can get. So, I'm happy whenever I get a chance to give something back to the community! It's always great talking to you guys... and I can't wait to see how the book comes out!

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