Monday, October 22, 2012


Hey ARTfans,

Weekend re-cap: I went to 24 Hour Comic Day on Saturday night... I was there from about 9pm till 2am. And it was a blast... the turnout was awesome... way more people than I was expecting to see when I walked in. And there was a wealth of talented folks making comics... it was a wonderous environment... and what a sense of community!!! I wish I could have stayed for the whole time... maybe next year. If yer' interested... check out my buddy Chuck Larntz blog which had hourly updates throughout the whole event -

Today... I did some inking during my lunch. I know... Inking... at lunch... that means I didn't use my Cintiq. It's been a while since I did anything 'serious' with Pen and Paper. I find that most times I end up just using my paper sketches for reference when I move over to digital. (Throw them in the background of Sketchbook Pro, and 'tidy' up my pencils before digital inkings begin)

Today.... Today I actually pulled out my Micron Brush Pen... (which sadly has pretty much stayed in my little pen and marker case for the better part of the last 2 years). Today... it saw the light of day. Today... it got used. Today... I think I kinda fell in love with the little bugger. Why has it taken me so long to warm up to this pen??? Anyway... I didn't use it on everything for this piece, but on the parts I did use it... I really liked what happened.

[caption id="attachment_317" align="aligncenter" width="774"] The Fett says... Cheese![/caption]

And as a reminder... this weekend I'll be at New Mexico Tri-Con - at the 7000BC booth on Saturday and some of the day on Sunday. Come by and check it out if yer' in the area!

Expect a post-con update as usual... I'm lookin' forward to getting out there again!!!

Tune in next time... same Bat-time...



  1. That's one bad-ass Fett!

    I hope you do take the challenge next year! I did attempt it this year but only made it about page 11 of pencils.

  2. Thanks Hunter... I'm seriously thinking about it. There was some great energy going on there. We'll see... I got a year to think about it.. :)


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