Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I. Poop. Art!

Hey ARTfans!

Time has kinda gotten away from me. This busy bee has been buzzing at the art table, and I apologize, for not getting a post together to show what I've been working on before today.

First up... old business:

Congrats to Jenn who won the random drawing for a FREE signed 11x17" Print! Thank to all of you who read and commented on my last post... and even those of you that just read it... and didn't comment. You know who you are.

And now on to new business. I finished the design for the Falcon / Serenity - Yin Yang and submitted it to TeeFury... but it's been a couple of weeks now, so my guess is they passed on it. Here's the finished design that I submitted.
I did come up with an alternate version of it... that I might try to resubmit.

[caption id="attachment_294" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] This time... on a cream colored shirt.[/caption]

Also, if anyone is interested in picking up this shirt... I did put it up on Redbubble.com (Click the picture below to go directly to the shop)
 Let's see. After working on that... I got kind of a wild hair and did a couple of sketches of Red Sonja. Here's the pencils for the first sketch...

And the finished inks...

And I did this one too... which I haven't had a chance to ink yet.

Let's see... And then... I did this. (Still need to finish the shading on this one). This one is a little funny... I did this quick sketch of (what I thought was) one of the funnier little jokes from the Avengers. Just a real quick, sketch, ink, & color... When I first posted it on my Facebook wall, and got NO feedback at all. I was curious if no one got the 'joke'... since it was a 'little' obscure, and might have been missed by someone who watched it in the theatre, with the roar of the crowd and all. I think that was part of it, but when I posted the colored version, I actually asked for some feedback - to try and figure out if it was the art or if the 'reference' was just too obscure. I got some really good (positive) feedback, and a couple of people that shared it around on their blogs... I think that this one silly drawing may have been seen by more people than any other image I've ever done. Kinda funny, since I had pretty much just written it off.
 And I did this one for my buddy Lor. (I wasn't happy w/ how it turned out so I'm going to re-do it)
And finally... Last night I did this one for one of my wife's friends... Robyn.

Hey kids, it's Grand Moff Tarkin!
And.... scene.

Ok, that represents the majority of what I've been workin on over the last couple of weeks (since my last post). I've been having some fun just doing random images, and trying some different things. I still have a couple of t-shirt ideas that I need to work on and finish...  and submit... and then it's back to the pages.

And one last note... I need to take a long look at how I'm using Facebook (and now Instagram) and the like, to find the best way to 'share' these images and try to get the most exposure for my draw'rings. I need to build a 'following', so that when we get around to publishing Stomping Ground... there are some people around that already like what I'm doing, and can help to spread the word.

That's all for this time... check back soon.


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