Monday, August 13, 2012

Moving Right Along...

Hey ARTfans!

I haven’t posted very much this last month. I’ve been working on finishing pages for our first short story release. I’m not sure exactly yet when we're going to start posting the finished pages, but we ARE going to start posting them soon. I still have a considerable amount of work to get through before it’s complete.  But work continues, and things are moving right along.

I still haven’t solved HOW we’re going to post these when they are complete. And I also need to fix/figure out how to integrate ComicPress/Easel into our main ego page. Also there are a couple of options we've discussed as far as a release schedules as well:

• A weekly release schedule – 1pg at a time / once a week

• Twice a week releases – this would burn through the pages faster.

• Wait till the entire story is complete, and release in one shot as a finished package

I’m also still weighing my/our options as it pertains to blogging in general. I/We want to continue to stay ‘present’, and keep you all up to date w/ what we’re doing via the ‘big bad interwebz’. Now that we’re getting closer to making Stomping Ground a reality, I’m trying to figure out what part my blog, Oops… I Just ARTed! (my own collection of Nebbish thoughts – and SG related sketch-foolery) fits into the whole of our Ego Comics web presence – and would we, and YOU the reader, be better served if we wrap everything together under one, all things Ego, flag? I have been entertaining the idea of folding my blog into, creating one single news stream for people/readers to follow. As I fully admit that the ‘blogging’ side of this, is often relegated to the lowest of priorities – overshadowed quite often by the need to produce the work that this blog is meant to showcase, I am never as frequent or consistent with my posts/updates, as I like, or feel that I need to be. And with only so many hours in a night, that continues to be a struggle, and my focus needs to continue to be ‘the work’. Nothing has been decided yet, and I’m a good long ways away from pulling any sort of trigger for that, it has been on my mind. Suffice to say, I will keep you “in-the-loop” as we figure all this out and move forward. And, of couse, your feedback is very much appreciated – and will help to direct our actions and help us navigate this social landscape. Rock the vote!

Leave me a comment. I dare ya’!


Moving right along to other news… I attended another 7000 B.C. meeting this Saturday. I had a good time w/ the fine folks there. Got to lock down some details for the upcoming Bubonicon 44 show coming up on August 24-26th. I will be attending that show, helping out at the 7000 B.C. booth on Saturday. (My plan is to be there from around 12pm till 5pm). We have a good amount of stock leftover from ACE that we’ll have on the table at Bubonicon. Hopefully we’ll sell a few more books and prints during that show!

After the meeting I did have a great conversation w/ Peter Ziomek about comic book paneling / layout / coloring / lettering and just general illustration. I’ve enjoyed talking to Peter since I met him at the Albuquerque Comic Con back in January, and this proved to be a very enlightening conversation. I walked away with some new insight, and can’t wait to apply a few new ideas to my next batch of pages. Thank you Peter for a graciously lending me a few moments of your time!

Also, one last thing... Neil had a really great idea a while back, about 'upping' our display presence at future cons. He picked up a couple of prototypes today, and we're going to be working on those for the next couple of days to see if we can put something really classy together for our presence at Bubonicon. I'm anxious to see how those turn out! But, more on that later...

I guess that's gonna be about it for today. No art this time, just news and events.

Catch ya' all next time!


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