Monday, July 16, 2012

Started on Page 6

Well ARTfans, it's been an exciting week.

I've gotten a little over half of the completed script now for the first of our 'teaser' stories. Putting the 'story elements' into the 5 pages I already finished was a lot of fun, and gave the whole piece a different and more fully realized feel.

Late last week, I got started on page 6, the next page to this particular story. I have it almost complete...

I went back and re-worked a few elements - based on some great feedback I had gotten from one of the 'comic creator groups' that I contribute to. I'm hoping to spend some time tonight and hopefully get that page all finished up, and move on to the next. I have a lot of work left on this particular story, and I'm hoping to get it finished up by the end of the month. (We'll see, I'm about a week behind schedule, so I'm pretty sure it's going to bleed into next month)

Also, this Saturday (7/21/12) I'm going to be doing a workshop on 'digital inking' and demo of the Cintiq 21UX with my fellow creators at 7000 BC. This months meeting will be at Twin Suns on Saturday from 1pm - 4pm. If you have an interest in making comics, and happen to be in the area, come on down!

Till next time,


My goal(s) for this week are:
• Finish Page 6 (Inks / Coloring / Lettering)
• Breakdowns for Pages 7-10 complete
•  Pencil Page 7



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