Monday, July 23, 2012

It's not my weekend, it's my STRONG end.

Hey ARTfans!

True story... (or at least as true as my memory remembers it from about 18 years ago) Neil and I used to work at a local pizza shop. About once a week (or so) there used to be this guy who would come in and clean the windows. Heck of a nice guy... and one of the few people I've met who just seemed to be genuinely happy with his life... all the time, as if the problems of the world could just never get any traction on him, and just slid right off. His name was Emilio. One particular Monday morning, Neil & I were back in the prep area, getting all the foodstuffs ready for the day... In walks Emilio... chipper as usual, ready to go clean the windows. I remember someone asking him how his weekend was, and his response was... "It's not my weekend, it's my STRONG end!". That one has always just kinda stuck with us.

Well, I had a good weekend. How was yours?

I worked on Friday night. I got most of my 'sketch' for Page 10 done. Still a few elements that I'm trying to work in, but I'll figure it out.

On Saturday... we had a 7000 BC meeting at Twin Suns. I had been asked a while back to do a demo of the Cintiq for the group. I was excited to share with the other creators, my impressions of going from a semi-traditional workflow (pencil, pen on paper) to an almost all digital workflow. I really wanted to talk to other people in the group about their process, and see if getting hands on with a Cintiq might open up some possibilities for them.

[caption id="attachment_250" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Talking about my evolution from TabletPC to Cintiq[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_251" align="alignnone" width="960"] Giving a quick Penciling Demo on the Cintiq[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_249" align="aligncenter" width="720"]Wacom Cintiq Demo Me, discussing digital workflow and how the Cintiq has changed my process.[/caption]

I had a blast, and really enjoyed it a lot more than I was even expecting. I got some really positive feedback from a few people in attendance, and from what I was told, I did a decent job giving this demo/presentation (which I was surprised by, since I was pretty much just winging it from beginning to end. Ok, I did actually prepare an outline of 'talking points', but didn't end up referring to it at all during the presentation.) I hope it was beneficial for some of the other creators there. After getting through that, I'm now looking forward to the next meeting, and the next workshop.

There is another convention coming up in August - Bubonicon. The 'plan' was/is not for Ego Comics to have any sort of official presence, but we're going to make an effort to be 'there' in some capacity. Even if we're just there to walk around. I'm going to see about volunteering at the 7000 BC booth there, just to hang out and talk to the other guys at the booth. My current goal is to continue to be 'present' in the local community and stay connected to the other creators and to the fanbase.

And, after reading all that, how about some pretty pictures...

Here's a sampling of the things I'm working on right now...

[caption id="attachment_256" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Pages 6-9 Preview (Page six is almost finished coloring - pages 7-9 are still in the 'breakdown phase', but I'm pretty sure at this point of what I'm doing with them.)[/caption]

 Still could be some 'reworking' left to do on these pages... but this is the 'rough' version.

Well... that's about all I have for this time...


My goal(s) for this week are:
• Get Page 6 finished (almost there)
• Start Inking Page 7
• Finish Coloring / Shading on Page 7

*** Photos taken by Bram Meehan of 7000 BC and Thanks Bram!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Started on Page 6

Well ARTfans, it's been an exciting week.

I've gotten a little over half of the completed script now for the first of our 'teaser' stories. Putting the 'story elements' into the 5 pages I already finished was a lot of fun, and gave the whole piece a different and more fully realized feel.

Late last week, I got started on page 6, the next page to this particular story. I have it almost complete...

I went back and re-worked a few elements - based on some great feedback I had gotten from one of the 'comic creator groups' that I contribute to. I'm hoping to spend some time tonight and hopefully get that page all finished up, and move on to the next. I have a lot of work left on this particular story, and I'm hoping to get it finished up by the end of the month. (We'll see, I'm about a week behind schedule, so I'm pretty sure it's going to bleed into next month)

Also, this Saturday (7/21/12) I'm going to be doing a workshop on 'digital inking' and demo of the Cintiq 21UX with my fellow creators at 7000 BC. This months meeting will be at Twin Suns on Saturday from 1pm - 4pm. If you have an interest in making comics, and happen to be in the area, come on down!

Till next time,


My goal(s) for this week are:
• Finish Page 6 (Inks / Coloring / Lettering)
• Breakdowns for Pages 7-10 complete
•  Pencil Page 7



Monday, July 9, 2012

Monster Madness

Hey ARTfans!

Well, it was a busy weekend for everyone at our house. On Saturday, Wendi and I took a drive up to the Jemez with the kids and her mom. We had a nice picnic at one of my favorite camping spots. After lunch, I took the kids on a little adventure walk around some of the trails. The kids were thoroughly convinced that we were lost (despite the fact that I kept telling them that I knew exactly where we were at all times and that I had explored this area extensively many times.) It wasn't until I guided them back to their mommy and grandma that I think they actually believed me. But they all had a lot of fun, and got to run off some of that energy.

[caption id="attachment_237" align="aligncenter" width="700"] This is one of my favorite pics from our hike[/caption]

Luckily, we got back just in time to see some heavy rain moving its way through the valley towards where we were at, so we packed everyone up, and headed out - and took the scenic route home. Felt great to be in the rain - the moisture has been very much needed.

And now for some ART...

I got the script for the next couple of pages of our first short story on Friday... So I was working on the breakdowns for that this weekend whenever I had a few minutes. I think I'm ready to start on the pencils tonight.

Before getting the script - I had been working on some practice pieces... A few of which I've already posted, and here is the last one I did Thursday night.

I don't know if this will get used for anything (more than likely it will just help to inform another image for the actual story - but it's still good practice).

The plan is to finish up penciling tonight on the first new page, and get the breakdown for the second finished up as well. Maybe even get started on inking if there is time.

My immediate concern is how/what I'm going to post while working on the next 12 pages of this story. Do I post everything I do, or hold some of if back? Post only the pencils or pencils and inks... but not the coloring/shading? Any ideas? I don't want to steal any of the thunder from the finished story... but I also want to keep posting as regularly as possible.

There's something I think I'm gonna have to figure out I guess... moving forward.

Well, anyway, that's about all the time we have for today... Hope yer' all off to a good week!

Till next time,


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