Monday, June 4, 2012

Update - Pre-ACE 2012

Hey ARTfans,

As you have probably noticed... it's been a little quite around here for the last couple of weeks... all efforts have been put forth towards finishing our Albuquerque Comic Expo promotional pieces... it's been a long/busy couple of weeks... but some good news.

I hold here, in my hot little hand... the near-finished, final proof of our ACE Exclusive Sketchbook / Stomping Ground Primer.
This is getting the full "fine toothed comb" tonight to proof-read and check for any mistakes/misprints/misspellings...

If things go according to plan, printing will be done on Wednesday night, bindery and trims on Thursday, and we'll have them back just in time for the show on Friday. There's a few more projects that need finishing... but we're definitely in the home stretch - and it looks like we're going to cross the finish line w/ everything we planned too.

Hopefully we'll generate some interest for our property - and who knows... maybe we'll even sell enough to break even! (Cautiously optomistic!)

Hopefully you can all make it to the show this weekend... and if you can't make it to the show, check in for updates over the weekend, as I'll try to keep ya' posted on how we're doing. And of course there will be a big post after the show...

Thanks for reading!





  1. How much? I mos def want one and any other swag you guys are selling!!!

  2. We're planning on selling the sketchbooks for $5 each... We'll see how they do the first day... I'll probably post a list of everything we have for sale at the show (and were definitely planning on selling any overstock from the website too) Just hoping to break even on the printing costs... That'd be a helluva thing... since this is the first thing Stomping Ground piece we've ever offered for sale.


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