Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prints for Sale!

Hey ARTfans!

We just put up all the prints we had at ACE for sale online at our Ego Comics - Store. (There are a few that didn't fit on our wall, so go check out the store to see all the available prints)

A selection of prints available now from Ego Comics - Store

Signed 11x17" Prints are $5.00 / ea (Plus $3.00 Shipping* for first print and $0.50 for each additional)

Signed 8.5x11" Prints are $2.00 / ea (Plus $3.00 Shipping* for first print and $0.50 for each additional)

*Orders of different sized prints will be combined into a single mailing tube - so if you order an 11x17" print and an 8.5x11" print, you'll only pay the $3.00 shipping for the first print, plus $0.50 for the 2nd print regardless of size. (Apologies for the shipping costs on these, the first part of the $3.00 is to purchase the mailing tube, the rest is to cover the shipping costs)

So save yourself some coin, and order a bunch!! I promise you'll love them! Hang them on your wall, on your refrigerator, next to your desk at work. Put one on your door, over your bed, next to that picture of your dog. Cover up that embarrassing picture they took of you at the last company picnic. The uses are endless...

Oh... and if I didn't mention it earlier, Every print will be signed by me - Neb!

Hurry... Go... now... Get em' while they last! Before we sell out, and they're gone!

**All profits from the sales of books and prints will help go towards the printing of our next book (which we'll have ready by the end of the year).

Thanks everyone! We appreciate your support!


***And don't forget! We still have the 2012 Stomping Ground Field Guide available! Don't wait - ORDER NOW!!!

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