Friday, June 8, 2012

Ego Comics at ACE 2012 (Day 1)

Hey ARTfans!

Just finished day one at ACE. Running on 2 hours of sleep (in the last 48). I'm a little bit tired... (so please forgive any misspelling or poor grammar)

But before I get ahead of myself, I'm happy to report that we got all 200 books printed / bound / trimmed (in the nick of time), 50 copies of our 2012 Coloring Book, and a boatload of awesome looking prints... not to mention business cards and bookmarks all done. We did it... by the skin of our teeth... but we finished everything we planned on doing for ACE.

So... how did the first day go, you ask?[gallery orderby="post_date"]

Day one of ACE... was an absolute blast! We actually sold a few books, and prints... gave out a handful of business cards, and bookmarks. I got the opportunity to talk to some people that were actually "genuinely" interested in our work. WOW! That part was awesome! I got some totally unsolicited positive feedback! WOW! Actually had people come up and pay cash money for something I drew. Or a book full of art and words about our characters. WOW!

I feel pretty good right now. Tired... but good!

I've been told that Fridays is usually the 'slow' day... so we'll see what happens tomorrow. For now... I need to get some sleep... much needed sleep. Tomorrow should be fun!!!

Now... what t-shirt to wear?



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  1. It's so nice to hear this from you because it's hard to get information from the OTHER half of Ego. *sigh* Anyway, your stuff looked great and I'm excited to see what will be coming in the future! Congrats, Ben!


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