Thursday, May 3, 2012

Page 3 - Inking Complete

Hey ARTfans,

Another day... another post. I finished the inks on page 3 of my preview last night. It still needs to be shaded / and polished up, and I'll be getting to all that soon enough. Each page seems to come out a little better than the last... that's a good feeling. I'm excited to put these all together and have a completed preview story, and I'm already starting to look forward to what I'm going to do next. Exciting stuff, and ideas abound.

Looks like I'm going to start inking page 4 tonight. I think I'd like to knock out the rest of the inking on all the pages, and then start finishing them up in order, so I can start posting the completed pages - in order - in a proper release... on Yup, you heard that right, yer' going to have to go to our Ego Comics website to see the 'finished' story, put together. Hey, this is just an art blog folks... Over on this side, it's is all about process and procedure... I'm trying to differentiate 'promotion' from that, and do a better job of promoting stuff at our company website. Eventually when we get our Stomping Ground website up and running correctly, that will be the home for all things that pertain to our story, characters and such... (these are all my thoughts as they pertain to these things right now... it may change/evolve as we move forward... you've been warned!)

Well, I guess that's about it for today...I need to get this all wrapped up so I can get to finishing the other things needed for ACE in June.

Gonna be a busy month!

-Neb Out!


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