Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Page 2 - Inks Complete

Mornin' ARTfans!

Well... preparations are underway... Getting ready for ACE (Albuquerque Comic Expo)... working on putting the books together for the kids... trying to wrap up a little 5pg short story I started last week... and still thinking about all the work I still need to do to get ready for ACE (sketchbook, prints, business cards, banners, coloring books...) Looks like May is going to be a busy month.

Here is the 2nd page of my 5pg short story, inking is complete - and I'm moving on to the coloring (shading really, since it's going to be in black & white).
Neil mentioned that this would make a great coloring page (I think he's right!!!) I should print off a couple of copies of this, and bring some home for my kids to color!

Oh, and I'm almost done w/ the coloring/shading for Pg. 1...

Well, more work to do tonight... gotta wrap this thing up quick tho'... lots to do.

Hope you all enjoy!



  1. Neb, hope you guys have an awesome time at the con and it brings re-stoked flames and lights some fires under rears! These pages are looking slick and I agree with Neil, I thought the same thing by way of usuage of that thick bold line. How'd you sling that contour and get that thickness going? Traditional or digital?

  2. congratulations my friend, your website is awesome, i really appreciate coming here to see what you have.

  3. I'm almost all digital Hunter. I think the only 'traditional' media that I used was the rough sketches I did on a yellow lined notebook to breakdown each of the pages.

    I use Illustrator to do my inking, and it's weird, but I really like how it does the linework. I'm interested in playing with another piece of software called Manga Studio... but haven't quite got a feel for it yet.

    I talked to Neil yesterday about handing out a 'slightly modified' version of page two above as a 'flyer' on Free Comic Book Day... Slap our website(s) on there somewhere and hopefully (maybe) generate some interest...

  4. I think fliers, post cards and promo pieces are an awesome, fun part of the con experience. I still have all of mine from every con I go to. I plan on doing something artsy with them one day. There are some really nice designs over the years.

  5. great website. thank you for the info. cheers!

  6. Thanks Cleonei! Glad you enjoyed it!

  7. Thanks Aimee! You're very welcome!!!


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