Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mom's Day!

Hey ARTfans!

Just a quick post today... more of a 'thank you', really, to all the mom's out there... especially, to my own mom, Mary, who's always supported and nurtured my creativity... and set me on the path to do what I love from an early age. Thank you Mom! Yer' the best!!! And I wouldn't be 'me' without you!

Thank you to my beautiful wife, Wendi, mother to my 3 kidlets. I could not have asked for a better wife, partner, or friend. Our kids are beautiful, smart, funny, snarky, and the joys of my life. They are great kids... and they got all the best stuff from you!

And thanks also to my mother-in-law, Karen. We're all happy to have you closer now... and enjoy getting to spend more time with you, and share the kids little ups and downs! Wendi especially loves having her mom closer!

And to all the other moms / grandmas / omi's / or soon to be moms out there... Thank You!!! For everything that you do. Your's is THE most important job of all.



1 comment:

  1. Thanks babe..but you know, I couldn't do any of *this* without YOU. Love you!


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