Friday, May 18, 2012

Darth Vader got my Ice Cream!

Hey ARTfans! Going into a big weekend worth of work. But I'm happy to announce that I just finished printing the books for our 1st Grade and Kindergarten classes. We're putting them together on Sunday, staples and a couple of trims and the kids books will be done.

We took the line for the title from one of the kids stories! They were really cute, and we're going to be putting up digital copies of the books for the parents to check out as well on our site (check over there shortly for an update)

We're going to be presenting them to the classes early next week. Can't wait to see their faces. I hope they like them!

Now that this project is complete. It's time to jump completely back into the sketchbook and the rest of our ACE material!

Back. To. Work.


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