Friday, April 20, 2012

Who likes to draw Comic Books?

Hey ARTfans!

Well, Ego Comics (Neil and I) just made our 2nd presentation to the school that our two oldest kids go. Yesterday we did a presentation and some demonstrations about how to make comics at my son's 1st grade class, and today we presented the same thing to Neil's son's Kindergarten class.

We had a blast talking to the kids about comics books, and what it is that we do. And spent about an hour and a half with each class helping them create their own 4 panel comic book pages.

Beforehand, we did some examples for the kids to see, and talked to them a little about the process, and how to draw comics.
Both classes seemed to have a lot of fun, and did a great job when it was their turn to go back to their seats and draw their own. We're excited to get all the pages back (Spoiler Alert: We're going to put them all together and make a short comic book to present back to the kids before the end of the year.)

We had a couple of kids tell us that we are AWESOME! and that WE ROCK! (Careful kids, that kind of praise goes straight to our heads!)

It was a lot of fun and very rewarding for us. The kids were great!!! And it was awesome for us to be able to share our love of this medium with a bunch of eager young minds!

A special thank you to Ms. Purcella and Ms. Maestas for allowing us to spend some time with your classes, and share our love of comic books with your students!

And one last thing, here's the example page that I did for the kids...
 Well, that's all for this time...

Now it's back to getting stuff ready for Albuquerque Comic Expo in June.

*Whip Crack*

-Neb Out!



  2. Back... we never really left... we've just been holed up in a dark and stinky corner... away from the prying eyes of curious onlookers.

    We're still here man. Got no plans to be anywhere else!


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