Thursday, April 26, 2012

Short Story - Page 1 Breakdown

Hey ARTfans!

So, I've had the idea in my head for a snippet of a teaser story. (If anyone recalls - I started this a while back... and did the first 2pgs - but I wasn't quite happy w/ the way they were coming out). Anyway, the other day, I decided to pick this up again, and start working again on it.

I roughed out the first page on Monday night... and then sketched out the other 4 pages during the drive to Durango for an  business trip. (No, I'm not channeling Liefeld folks, I was in the back seat!!!)

I spent Tuesday night in my hotel room tightening up the pencils for page one, and 'tidying' up a bit of the next couple of pages.

Here's the rough pencils for the first page... (I did this digitally in Sketchbook Pro for anyone who's interested)
And here's the tighter pencil version...
I'm looking forward to starting the inks on this soon (hopefully tonight)... then it's on to page 2.

I'll post progress as I go.

Thanks for checkin' it out!



  1. On panel one will there be alot of lettering text copy on the lower right side of the panel? I'm wondering if the space ship on the upper left isn't coming more into prominence or at a potentially more dynamic angle rather than the focal point being the clouds on the planet? Then again I might've jumped the shark as this isn't a finished page yet. Just curious about the process. Also I'm just glad you're updating again! More! More! I need more Stomping Ground!!!

  2. You know what it is? The ship in panel one just needs to be bigger. Utilize the large panel space as it's in front of the planet nearer to us. That's my two cents. Damn I need to get to drawing myself!

  3. Thanks for the feedback Hunter! I'm gonna work on the next couple of pages tonight... and post some more soon. I hadn't planned on using any wording in this, (It's supposed to be a 'no-talkey' piece. But yer' right... I do need to offset that void on the first panel... thanks for catchin' that!!!

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