Saturday, April 28, 2012

Page 3 - Digital Pencil Pushing

Hey ARTfans!

Ok... here's the 'more finished' pencils for Page 3.

And here's the original 'rough sketch' I did for page 3.
I think I've decided to add another page in-between pg 3 and pg 4. Need to rough that out tonight.

That's about it for today...


Friday, April 27, 2012

Page 2 - Electric Boogaloo!

Hey ARTfans!

Here's the tightened up pencils for page 2 of my little Celeste story. I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to ink this just yet. I have a few ideas, but I'm not sure what will / won't work.

And here's the 'rough' pencil version...
Guess that's all for tonight...

Not sure yet if it's off to bed... or start inking pg 1?



Thursday, April 26, 2012

Short Story - Page 1 Breakdown

Hey ARTfans!

So, I've had the idea in my head for a snippet of a teaser story. (If anyone recalls - I started this a while back... and did the first 2pgs - but I wasn't quite happy w/ the way they were coming out). Anyway, the other day, I decided to pick this up again, and start working again on it.

I roughed out the first page on Monday night... and then sketched out the other 4 pages during the drive to Durango for an  business trip. (No, I'm not channeling Liefeld folks, I was in the back seat!!!)

I spent Tuesday night in my hotel room tightening up the pencils for page one, and 'tidying' up a bit of the next couple of pages.

Here's the rough pencils for the first page... (I did this digitally in Sketchbook Pro for anyone who's interested)
And here's the tighter pencil version...
I'm looking forward to starting the inks on this soon (hopefully tonight)... then it's on to page 2.

I'll post progress as I go.

Thanks for checkin' it out!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Who likes to draw Comic Books?

Hey ARTfans!

Well, Ego Comics (Neil and I) just made our 2nd presentation to the school that our two oldest kids go. Yesterday we did a presentation and some demonstrations about how to make comics at my son's 1st grade class, and today we presented the same thing to Neil's son's Kindergarten class.

We had a blast talking to the kids about comics books, and what it is that we do. And spent about an hour and a half with each class helping them create their own 4 panel comic book pages.

Beforehand, we did some examples for the kids to see, and talked to them a little about the process, and how to draw comics.
Both classes seemed to have a lot of fun, and did a great job when it was their turn to go back to their seats and draw their own. We're excited to get all the pages back (Spoiler Alert: We're going to put them all together and make a short comic book to present back to the kids before the end of the year.)

We had a couple of kids tell us that we are AWESOME! and that WE ROCK! (Careful kids, that kind of praise goes straight to our heads!)

It was a lot of fun and very rewarding for us. The kids were great!!! And it was awesome for us to be able to share our love of this medium with a bunch of eager young minds!

A special thank you to Ms. Purcella and Ms. Maestas for allowing us to spend some time with your classes, and share our love of comic books with your students!

And one last thing, here's the example page that I did for the kids...
 Well, that's all for this time...

Now it's back to getting stuff ready for Albuquerque Comic Expo in June.

*Whip Crack*

-Neb Out!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Jumping Ship...

Hey ARTfans!

Just a reminder that I moved my blog to Wordpress. The new address is:

I just put up a new post... come check it out!!



As deep... as the whole wide sky.

Hey ARTfans!

Been a while. Well, I kinda got sucked into a few of my distractions, and have been neglecting my art and my blog for a little longer than I had hoped.

We're (Ego Comics) gearing up for Albuquerque Comic Expo on June 8th - 10th. I've been working on a sketchbook that we'll be selling at the show. We will be offering any of the sketchbooks that don't sell at the show up for sale online right after the show. I've also been working on re-vamping / re-launching our website(s) - namely I still have a lot of work to do on the web 'presence'... and we're working on pulling all of our disparate pieces together, and finally pulling ourselves out of the gutters of the social world.

Last night, I sat down and worked up a new version of an image I've been working on for a few months. Something for a promotional piece (no, this isn't the final piece), for the upcoming show and for the website.

As deep... as the whole wide sky.

The tagline for this came from one of Neil's kids. We actually co-opted it, and it works very appropriately for our stuff. Thanks N8!

That's about it for this time. Probably won't have a ton of updates between now and ACE. But I'll post as often as I can.

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