Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Girl is SUPER!

Yup! I’ve always liked SuperGirl. ‘Course, when I saw Joshua Middleton doing the covers… that only served to cement my fascination with the short skirt wearin’ cousin to Mr. Kent.

I’ve always been meaning to throw down an image of SuperGrrrl. I just so rarely allow myself time to draw outside of Ego. See, I only have so much time per day… and would I rather spend that time working our OUR property, or doodling other peoples stuff? Usually, I default back to Ego, and opt to spend my time there… playing in our playground. And rightly so… I got a lot of bad images still left to draw (see Dave Sim quote below), and they ain’t gonna draw themselves… No sir.

But yesterday, while at lunch… and thinking about what I was going to draw for the day… my pencil just sorta sketched out this image. The whole image just came together really quick. I inked it on Monday night, before I finished up the coloring on the last post… and after I put the wraps on that image, I opened up Photoshop again, and colored this really quick! I had an idea of putting her on top of an photo I had taken of clouds… and…


There ya’ have it. SuperGrrrl! (ala’ Neb!)

What’cha think?


Oh, and before I forget – here’s the Dave Sim quote!

"Everyone has 1000 pages of bad comics inside them and you have to draw those bad pages to get to the good ones" – Dave Sim

So get busy drawin’!!!


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