Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Slackin' after Comic Con

Hey ARTfans,

I'm a little behind. This weekend didn't quite pan out like I had intended. So I'll apologize up front for missing my Monday post. I'm back at the art table... and will cranking this week.

On a brighter note... I was surprised and excited when Wendi asked if I would like to go to the Albuquerque Comic Con that was going on this weekend. I haven't really made it out to very many comic cons, and I was definitely excited to be going to one with her. We lined up some babysitters (thanks grandparents!!), and put on our bestest geekiest t-shirts, and made for the convention Saturday morning. We trolled up and down the aisles... it was like a nerd version of Disneyland! I totally "geeked out" when I got to see Frank Cho, but couldn't manage anything more than a "Your draw purty"... so I hung my head in shame, and moved on. I noticed a really awesome artist by the name of Andy Kuhn, who's style really impressed me, and gives me something to shoot for (it's a sorta cartoony vision, like I've been trying lately, only done EXCEPTIONALLY well!!) The highlight for me though, was to meet and talk with a couple of guys at 7000bc. An independent comic collective based right here in New Mexico. I had the opportunity to talk to Nathan, Pete & Matt (I hope I got their names right!), and it really sounds like a good group of like-minded creators. They're having a meeting this Saturday, and I'm going to try and make it down, and investigate some more. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of what they do. And it would be awesome to get back into the comic book community!

So... I was inspired by a few of the things I saw this weekend. And decided last night, that I'd sit down and try my hand at a couple of panel layouts (pages). The first page I did was 'alright', but needs some re-tooling, so I'm gonna post the 'splash page' I did for the second page.

Here goes... Page 2

Obviously, it's out of context now... and I need to figure out the 'oversight' I made on the first page, so I can... eh... ya' know what... It's all "practice"... so here's the first page.

*** Extra Points to anyone who can tell me where my glaring oversight is ***
I started inking this last night too... so, like I said... it' needs some work.

Well, that's all for today's post. And that concludes Day 14 of my 30 Day ART Challenge.

Catch you all tomorrow...


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  1. Your comment about being at a loss while coming across Frank Cho was funny. I would've had a lot more to say to various artists if I knew more about them beforehand. Being a comic geek by proxy, I liked the Comicon but I'm looking forward to ACE - and hopefully Ego will have a presence?


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