Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sketch-a-doodley-do! Did someone say "Ka-PEW"!

Hey ARTfans!

I stayed up late again last night. I'm jumping back into the swing of things, although, I’m having a hard time getting warm this morning… (I hope this isn’t a cold coming on).

Anyway, I’ve been needing to really work on my faces, and expressions for our characters. I have ‘consistency issues’, basically, when I draw a character multiple times, they don’t always look like the same person. To resolve this,  I think I’m going to start looking at doing an Expression chart for the bulk of our ‘main’ group of characters… I need to work out this little bug, and make these guys look consistent from one image to the next. That, and just practice, practice, practice. I also have a desire to do traditional ‘style sheets’ for each character. ‘Style sheets’, are basically just a page or two of doodles, outlining the ‘rules’ for each character. (For example: Mickey Mouse is 3 ‘heads tall’, wears white gloves, and red shorts. He has yellow buttons on his shorts. There are three black lines on the top of each of his gloves, etc.) Think of it as a blueprint. A map for drawing that character, and reference for facial expressions, and such.

Anyway… today's ART challenge, (Day 15) is not a style sheet. It’s just a page of doodles from last night.

Not a ‘finished’ image, just some good ol’ practice. I did really like how the 'butt shot’ came out, I just need to work on those more cartoony proportions. Oh, and I did finish inking Celeste from the pages I did yesterday.

I gotta start finishing up some images soon... sketches are good... But I already miss not having something to color...

Well, True Believers, I guess that's it for today, check back tomorrow for another rousing artistic adventure with your friendly neighborhood...


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  1. Yeah...Neil was up late, too, but not doing anything *near* as productive as THIS. LOL I like the butt shot - good work!


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