Tuesday, January 3, 2012

See Bob Run… GO! Bob! Go!

Hey ARTfans!

Well, it’s Day 6 of my 30 Day ART challenge! And today also happens to be my 8 year anniversary with my beautiful wife, Wendi! Doesn’t’ seem like it’s been 8 years… feels like only yesterday we were on our way to Vegas… to got get ‘hitched!” with Elvis!!! Well, 3 kids, and a whole different world later… here we are. Still no one else I wanna spend my time on this rock with!

So, today I’m bringing you something a little different. During a conversation w/ Neil (the other half of Ego Comics – for those of you not in the know), I said something along the lines of… “You write us a cool story and I’ll do my damnedest to draw some “purty” pictures to go with it…” So… what I got was:

This is Bob. Bob is conflicted. See Bob run. Go! Bob! Go!

And so… Here’s Go! Bob! Go!

Just a quick little web-comic type post. just some quick sequential fun.

He gave me a list of about 4 or 5 more of these… I’ll try and throw one of these out every so often for fun!

Well.. that’s all for this time… Hope everyone has a good day, and we’ll see ya’ all back here tomorrow!!!



  1. So...is Bob running because of what food he picked? LOL Happy anniversary! I remember the day we heard the news. :)

  2. Bingo!!! Taco's will get ya' every time!!!
    mmmm... Tacos! Curse you TACOS!!!

    If I recall... we kinda surprised you guys with that call. Oh well, 8 years and counting!!! Who'da thunk?!?


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