Monday, January 2, 2012

The Red Neb – Kickin’ it up a ‘notch!’

Hey ARTfans!

I hope everyone had a good new years! Happy 2012!

We got to ring in the new year with an interesting sight… a meteorite arcing across the sky. One of the stranger things I can say I’ve seen in my life!

Anyway… It’s Monday! And you know what that means… Day 5 of my 30 Day ART challenge. I dropped this pencils, inks and colors for this image last night. Had to kinda bite the bullet and push thru – I finished at about 3am. (Eh… who needs sleep!)

Well… here it is:

I was told that it looks like he has a cane in his right hand… I didn’t see that until he mentioned it… now I can’t STOP seeing it!!! Thanks for that!! HA

Here’s the initial pencil sketch:

And here are the finished inks:

Well… that’s about it for today. Don’t know what I’m gonna do for tomorrow yet… hoping to figure that out during lunch today.

See you all tomorrow!

-Neb Out!

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