Monday, January 23, 2012

Pushin' Pencils around...

Hey ARTfans!

Welcome back to a whole new week. (WEEK... not weak!) I'm happy to report that myself and the whole family seem to be returning back to normal... icky, sticky stomach bug has left the building.

I have some exciting news... but I'll get to that after I plop down a few images I did last night.

First up... A Kid Leather sketch. I'm playing with the shadows on this, and the intent is to go with a very dark piece. (I hope it turns out like i see it in my head...)

Next up... Geela Dom. This isn't 'exactly' what I was trying to do... but I'm generally pretty happy with how this came out, so I think I'll finish this, and take another stab at the 'other version' a little later. (This is going to be a fun, finished piece!)

And last up... A fun "Swingers" inspired Master Day! He's generous with the libations! I really enjoyed this one last night... (this was the last I did - started around 2 AM-ish, and finished the sketch right at 3 AM. Despite 'the Sandman' creeping up on me, I managed to finish up at least the bulk of what I had in my head.

When I finally put my pencil(s) down last night... I felt pretty damn good about what I did. What do you guys think?

Oh, and I promised I'd get to the "EXCITING NEWS"...

Ego Comics Infotainment Group (Neil & I) have decided to get a table at the upcoming Albuquerque Comic Expo to promote, and generate some interest in Stomping Ground!

This is going to be the first time we've honestly ever dipped our toes into this pool. So we're excited and nervous about it. But we've made some solid plans, and we're really hoping that what we have to offer gets some people excited about this property. 

One thing to watch for, over the next 4 months, I am going to do as many promotional type images as I can... and the best of these I will get some prints made of and sell signed copes at the show. And there is something that YOU the reader can help me do. Tell  me which of the images are your favorites, what 'pops', what works and what doesn't. This will help me 'hone' in on what will sell and what won't. I NEED your feedback!!! I need constructive criticism... this is necessary in helping me to be a better artist!

I thank you all in advance!!!

And also, before I wrap this up, I did want to mention what I good time I had at the 7000 BC meeting on Saturday. It was awesome to be surrounded by fellow creators. I was a little nervous, and it took a little bit to loosen up, but it was such a great creative environment, and I have forgotten how much I've missed that. It reminded me of the art classes in High School, or the drawing class I took in college. I felt refreshed and energized afterwards. Ready and rarin' to get back to the drawing table.

We've got a lot of work to do... and a short couple of months to do it. But it seems like we're finally getting to where we have needed to be for so long.

Time to Poop ART!!!

Thanks guys!

-Neb Out!!!

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  1. It's about damned time you guys get your foot in the door...somewhere!!! Seriously. ANYway...I like the Master Day shot. And the Ghostrider-esque Geela. C'mon Stomping Ground!


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