Monday, January 9, 2012

A little something different…

Hey ARTfans!

Well, I have something a little different for you today. I was contacted by a fellow member of WonderFunders last week, in response to a couple of my images that I posted there. I was asked by Trey Mack to see if I could whip up a quick sketch of one of his characters from his upcoming title, “No Peace under Heaven”. As I’m working thru my 30 Day ART Challenge, and figured it might be interesting to draw something from someone else’s property for a change, I agreed. It’s all good practice… right!

Before I post this… please note: While the artwork is mine, the character and copyright belongs to Mr. Mack. This is his character… I’m just providing the doodle.

I didn’t get much direction on this… A name and an image Trey sent me for reference, and an idea of what kind of shot he was looking for… the rest, I was on my own on.

Commission - Pencils
Ashura Shindo is © Trey Mack – Artwork by Ben “Neb!” Girven

And here’s the finished Inks for this image…
Ashura - Inks

I’m about 3/4 thru the coloring… and will post the finished image when it’s complete. The background still needs a lot of work…

What do you guys think?






  1. Neat... I like it. Very cool, very familiar (style), but different (character) just the same. I think you should extend that bold upper thigh line on the left leg past the crotch just a bit, towards his hip. Otherwise, to me, the anatomy and perspective of that leg/hip seem a little awkward and off. (You should not be able to make out that defined 'panty line' quite so much... OMG DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?) ~ ego

  2. Yer' right, that line did look a little awkward. I tried to 'fix it in post', for the finished version. But I don't know that it made a big difference (at least I don't really see a noticeable one). I think the angle on that leg is just a little off, wish I would have caught it before inking (just like the two sticks that somehow look like a cane on the last image of Neb I did.) Oh well, on to the next!!! PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!

  3. *checks out Neb image again* OOOOHHH!!! It's TWO sticks. lol Ok, I see that now... LMAO

  4. Oh, and for the bloggity comment record: the line looks better on that leg now. ;)


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