Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Evening of Sketchlings...

Hey ARTfans!

I hope you are all doing well. 

Day 20 of my 30 day ARTcast. (2/3 of the way there)

I spent last night at the drawing table doing some sketching. It wasn't a stellar night for art. But I knew that when I started all this... I wasn't going to be putting up awesome work every night... I worked on a couple sketches of Tuff, and I'm posting another sketch that I haven't posted yet, of Celeste (in the middle there - her hair didn't show up when I scanned it).

I did end the night working on the colors for Celeste and her "schweet motor scooter". I'm hoping to finish that up maybe tonight... (we'll see... there's a lot to color on that one... and I have in mind a particular 'look' that I'm hoping to achieve... so that may take additional time.)

Anyway... here's the last sketchDUMP for January 2012.

Lot's to do in February... and I still have 10 more days of my 30 day ART challenge to go.

*Whip CRACK!*


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