Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Reddest of Neb’s - Update

Howdy Gang,

I’m a little outside my schedule… again. I’ve made a slight transition from ‘production’ – the drawing and coloring of images, to ‘construction’.

We, (Ego Comics Infotainment Group), are working on a project, and I have had to replace my ‘artist monkey’ hat, with my ‘tech-monkey’ hat.

Since most of my free time has been tied up working on that… (I promise, I haven’t played Batman Arkham City once this week!!!), I haven’t been able to drop any drawrings on my blog.

I did uncover a finished piece that I did not post from last month.

So what does that mean… a FREEBIE POST!!! When I didn’t really have anything else to post today… WooHoo!!!

Here’s the finished, colored character drawing for The Red Neb.

He’s got a story… or two to tell…

What ya’ guys think?



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