Thursday, December 29, 2011

Aina – Sittin’ Pretty!

Hey ARTfans!

I hope you all had a good holiday (whatever you called it!) The kiddo’s made out like little bandits… and now it looks like the house exploded with toys. (Am I the only one that can’t wait till some of the batteries start wearing out, and the noise level around the house returns back to a manageable hum!)

Anyway, I have been thinking about my 30 day art challenge… and I was thinking about starting it at the first of the year. But thing is… I want to draw now. Right now. I need to practice. To move beyond the ‘character design’ phase of this project, and start really concentrating on the ‘characters’ themselves. To start boiling down their essences… and figure them out… both how to draw them, and how to make them relatable. We have created a very rich story. A very rich universe… populated by some interesting and dynamic characters. And it’s about time I start letting them outta the box a little. As Neil puts it… “it’s time to stop just gearing up our G.I. Joe’s, and time to start playing”.

So… as announcements go… here it is.

30 Day “Cartoon Style” ART Challenge

The rules: I will get an image up every week day. I am shooting for finished images (pencilled / inked / colored) up Monday – Friday (I am taking the weekends off to relax w/ the family – however, if I can sneak an image out, I will). They may not all be my best work. They may not all be pretty… but it’s all work. We’re gearing up for some MAJOR things in 2012… and I gotta bring my “A” game. It’s ON like an 8 Bit Donkey Kong!

So without further ado…

Day 3 - Aina

Here’s an image of Aina – (just in case you are wondering, it’s pronounced “EYE” – “EEE” – “NA”), I threw together last night. I am really enjoying coloring this way. I must say that I have not enjoyed coloring this much in a while. (It’s usually a chore!)


And for those interested, here’s the finished pencils:

And here are the finished inks:

Well, that’s all for today. See you guys tomorrow!

-Neb Out!

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