Friday, November 4, 2011

A new character… a progression...

Alrighty gang! Hope everyone is getting used to it being November… ALREADY! Does it feel like this year is just sorta slipping by to anyone else? Already November??? Really???

Oh well… enough of that, and on to the good stuff!

A few weeks ago Neil asked me to come up with a name and an image for a new character. He gave me a few key details… but let me loose to come up w/ the rest.

Bale Mystronimo - First Attempt

I named him Bale, and I knocked out this first attempt during a lunch hour at work. After divulging his plan/intentions to me for the character… and I got to thinking about him a bit more… I sat down and revised my original concept a bit. But the original sketch still stands as a solid ‘jumping off point.’

I think I posted these before... But here is the re-conceptualized version. I skewed a little younger looking, with larger eyes, and more of a quirky nature. And adapted the idea to what I now knew about the character.

Finished inks for the new sketch.

And here are the finished colors. I am probably the most proud with the shading on his face. I think that this was my best facial shading/highlights to date.

Well… until next time…


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