Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Cutesy Shenanigans…

Hey gang! I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but I’m trying to keep up on posting stuff on a somewhat regular basis. I think I’ve settled on a Tuesday / Friday schedule. That way I get 2 posts in a week, and feel like I’m keeping active on this. Also, in an effort to spend the time to actually blog, I’m gonna try and spend one night doing the posts, and the rest of the nights doing the artwork (I’m using the ‘scheduling’ function to space things out. That way I can concentrate on the work, and do a batch of posts, and schedule them out in order to keep a regular blogging schedule. We’ll try it out for a bit, and see how it works.


Well, I have been working on the last batch of characters for my little project. And I’m happy to say that as of last week, I have finished all the inking for everyone… that means I’m in the home stretch of coloring (4 of them left) and I can close the book on my portion of our collected character entries. I’ll still have a fair amount of work on the back-end, marrying the pictures to the actual write-ups for everyone… but the bulk of the ‘hard work’ will be done. Also, once I finish up this project, I’m devoting myself to overhauling our websites (www.egocomics.com and www.stomping-ground.com). Both have been in serious need of some updated content (not to mention a fresh coat of paint). I’m hoping to have all that wrapped up by the end of the year (but it’s gonna depend a little on how difficult it is to implement our ideas) Don’t worry tho’, I will be assimilating this blog into www.egocomics.com, so you’ll still be able to get your bi-weekly dose of Neb-ishness!


I’ll be posting some more artwork in the next couple of days… but for today, I though I would continue with something in the vein of what I posted last week. This image I actually did late last year. As a little surprise for Neil. Turns out he really dug it, and we almost scrapped everything we were doing to re-jigger the entire story to tell in this style. There are parts of me that still wanna do just that! I love playing in this world.

Anyway, here is the initial pencil sketch I did… this is where it all started.

Really loose, and quick sketch… but this kinda solidified what I was trying to do.

Here is the finished Image. Or at least as finished as I was able to make it when I presented to Neil. The idea, was that it was kinda of a take on our stuff (Stomping Ground) through the eyes of Shag.

I decided, that for Christmas, I’d make up a couple of shirts w/ these guys as well. Here is the front of the shirt that we came up with…

And here is the back of the shirt.

And just for good measure… here’s me wearing my shirt!

We ordered these through Zazzle, and were really happy with how they came out.

Hmm… I should probably get my Zazzle store back up and running too… and offer these up again.

Well, that’s it for this time.

Hope everyone has enjoyed another funny/campy take on our Stomping Ground characters. I’ll steer this thing back towards some real work next time, and hopefully I can get the rest of these guys colored in short order.

Till next time,


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  1. I've never noticed the red in Bob's pants before. Strange. Anyway...I like your little cartoon-y MD and D - and the little montage you put together feels very Shag-ish. LIKE!


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