Friday, November 11, 2011

He’s so Cuuuute!

Every once in a while… I accidentally create something cool… even if I’m not really trying. That’s the case here. I sat down at lunch the other day to do a little sketching. Sketched out something that I was trying to get done (I’ll post that soon), and had a little extra time. I always enjoy doing these little goofy, kid versions of some of our characters.
I don’t know why I do it, I guess it just me feel better to think of some of these big, smelly slabs of beef, as an awkward, silly kids versions of themselves. That’s what happened today.
Kid Leather – one of our bigger, and badder bad-asses. (See below)
…turns out like this…

Initial pencil sketch!

All inked up!

When I showed this to Wendi… she said “Awwwww… he SOOOO CUTE!”
Well there ya’ have it.
Gruff and Grumbly… meets Cute and Cuddly.
Hope you all enjoy!
-Neb Out!


  1. BABY MOO COW! I love love love him...hehe

  2. Yep. I like the kid version - he's relateable, like Tokidoki or somethin. Looks great, Ben! I mean, I like the "usual" version, too, but I like Baby Kid better. :)

  3. That seems to be the consensus... So what'dya think everyone?? Should I put a Baby Kid Leather t-shirt up for sale? Would you buy one? Would you tell your friends to buy one too?


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