Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloweenies

Hey gang.

Hope everyone had an exciting and spooky Halloween! Our 3 kiddos had a great time… and Cooper really got caught up in the whole idea of ‘free candy!!’


Now… the only thing left is to eat all this candy… and of course put away all the decorations we put up.


Well, in other news… I have been working on quite a few sketches over the last couple of weeks… more than I can post here… so I’ve decided in an effort to post more regularly… I’m going to do a big batch of posts today, and schedule them to post over the next couple of days. So… with that said… on to the first sketch:

Here is the initial pencil sketch I did (I had to scan it in 2 pieces because I sketched it in my ‘big’ sketchbook). I just had an idea for a cheesy kinda cheesecake type image… girl on a bad motor scooter… how can that be bad?

There were a few things I really like, and a few things I was still a little up in the air about… so I ended up going in an re-penciling a good portion of the bike, and tightening up some of the details around her face and hair. Hence the ‘revised’ version below.

Now… obviously, I have not finished the inks on this yet. But you can see the revised pencils in there. I got a bit more work to do on this image… and I will definitely be posting an update to this as soon as I get it wrapped up.

Well… that’s about it for this post… should be a few more coming shortly!

Thanks for checkin’ it out!



  1. We make the cutest kids ever! Keep up the hard work! It WILL pay off!

  2. Yes... yes we do! They are adorable! And I sure hope it does... Look for some 'interesting' things to happen in the next couple of months!! Yay!


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