Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Domo Arigato… Mr. Roboto

Hey gang!

This last week hasn’t been as productive on the ‘art’ side as I would have liked.  Which isn’t to say we haven’t gotten anything done… just means I haven’t been able to concentrate on getting any drawrings done… doubly frustrating since I’m so close to being finished with this project. And of course with Turkey Day coming up this week… I’m not expecting any huge leaps forward this week either… but who knows… maybe I will get a little batch of time, and something may just escape.

Here’s the artwork for my first post of the week. Pencils and Inks for one of our robot friends. They go by the name RanGar. (An amalgamation of their creators names) They come in a variety of configurations… but this is the ‘standard’ model.

Pencils first:

And… finished inks:

And here’s a sketch I did a while back for an ‘alternate’ variation… basically with a different 'load-out’ of parts. (Just having some fun w/ the model designations – and extra points to anyone who gets the references):

Guess that’s all for this time.

Hope everyone has a good Turkey Day!!!


-Neb Out!

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