Thursday, July 7, 2011

... Continued Lunchtime Sketchlings... 7/7/11

Hey there everyone! I wanted to share what are now the 'finished' pencils for this sketch I started yesterday at my lunch hour. I finished up the pencils today (again at my lunch hour - sensing a trend here??) So...

Celeste is © 2011 Ego Comics Infotainment Group
There it is. I'm excited to get this inked tonight.

Now... I have started a poll at my Stomping Ground Facebook page to see if you'z guys want me to make another video of the inking progression for this image. Please feel free to jump over there, and cast your vote. I'll probably get started around 8:00PM (Mountain), so I'll check before I get started, and if the votes lean towards 'YES', then I'll take the video, and try to upload it tonight or tomorrow.

Guess that's all for now!


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