Sunday, July 10, 2011

Celeste - Coloring Sample

Yup... up WAY to late again (it's almost 4:30... AM!) Kids are gonna be awake in about 2 hours (3 if I'm extremely lucky). Anyway, I've been up so late, cuz' I have been working on a revised coloring style. A little different than my normal style... more of an 'actual' painting process. Take a look, compare this to some of my other pieces and let me know what you guys think? Do you like this better, or should I keep w/ what I've been doing?

This is just a sample. I'm not quite done yet, sword needs shading, and the boots need to be finished... other than that tho', it's pretty much complete.


Now... off to sleepy town!


UPDATED 7/10/11

Upon seein' the previous image, Neil (my counterpart)commented that she was too thin, (not as solid as we want her to seem). One of the things that I need to come across on her is that she's very strong, confident, and capable (maybe even a little arrogant!) I've been trying to change her up and make her bigger/stronger/thicker w/ real curves. Also, she's sexy without ever trying.

She does have 'grey' skin, so I'm still trying to experiment w/ the right shades. It's hard for that not to come of as pastey, but I still need to have a healthy glow to her skin. I'm glad this one seems to be a step in the right direction.

This coloring style is faster than my current style. (I usually clock between 8-10 hours to color a piece, this one took me about 5-6, and I can probably shave some off of that once I get more comfortable w/ it.

When I looked at this image again this morning, I realized it's too 'light'. The highlights are a little over-done. So I need to look at fixing that. Probably be some differences between this and the finished version.


  1. Wow, this IS different from the first pic I saw of Celeste (with the guy, already forgot his name, sorry!)!! I like the style; her hair looks really frosty, though, compared with the earlier image (dunno if that's what you were going for?) She's much less pasty here and the image seems to have more dimension, which I kinda like :D

  2. Thank you very much for the comments! I agree, she did come out different in this image. I'm still experimenting w/ her look.

    I want her to be 'thicker', and have more weight. She's a strong confident grrl! And a kicker of much asses! :)

  3. I like this because it looks almost airbrushed. But, I think I like the previous style better, only because that's what Im used to. I think I agree with Neil - she's a little too thin.

  4. I like that coloring style too. I really do... but I don't like that it takes me SOoooOOOoooOoOOO long to color that way. I have committed to giving this 'painting' style a serious try. And yes, she's a little too thin 'round the middle... I'll have to pay more attention to that on the next drawing of her. I just want her to be thick/solid... Kinda like Wonder Woman when Adam Hughes draws her. I never get the impression that his girls are weak. They all have a 'thickness' to them. If'n only I could draw like that guy!!! :P

  5. Don't sell yourself short, Ben! Adam Hughes does some awesome stuff, but so do you. You just have a different style.

  6. If by 'different' you mean he kicks copious amounts of a$$ w/ every expertly placed pencil stroke, and I scribble w/ crayons... then Yes! :)

    Seriously tho', Thank you! I'm am trying... I'm trying to break out of my style a little, and flex my artistic muscles. Something I've been needing to do for far too long. And the whole thing will be televised live! Wheeeeeee!


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