Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Celeste - Coloring Finished 7/12/11 - PLUS BONUS!!!

Just finished up the coloring for Celeste...

Well. Here it is. This is an attempt at using a more 'painter-type' style. (Think airbrushing). I tweaked the colors a little bit. The highlights were really bugging me, so I went in and muted them a little bit (not so bold and dramatic). I still need work on this... I think the fundamentals are there... but I just gotta get push it a little farther.

I seem to be making a habit of this 2:00AM thing. I'll probably end up crashing and burning sometime later in the week... but it's like we've always said... there's only so much time in the day, and sleep is about the only thing we can afford to cut back on.

Speed Painting - Quick & Dirty!
This is a 'speed painting' I did tonight in-between finishing up Celeste. Just wanted to have some fun w/ it, and practice a little bit. I actually really like where this is going... and it was good practice! Don't know if I'll get around to finishing this, but I would like to. I envisioned this as a cool portrait hanging in someones trophy room! :)

Well, that's all for tonight.

I'm off to catch a few hours of sleep...



  1. Oh wow, I think that Celeste image is even better than the first. Is speed painting like speed reading only better?

  2. I like Celeste here, but she's too skinny dangit! LOL No, really. I like her a lot. I like the airbrushed look. And LOL @ Wendi's comment!

  3. Speed painting is just an exercise. You allot a block of time, and try to create a finished piece within that time frame. Obviously, in that respect I failed (I didn't finish), but it's just practice... so I'll let myself slide... this time.

  4. Damn, she totally RULES!! And here I thought it couldn't get any more awesome than the previous version ;D

  5. Awww... thanks!! I'm pretty pleased w/ the final result. But I am looking forward to applying a few of the things that I learned on this one to the next one... specifically... I need to work on subtlety. I don't generally like really sharp/hard contrasts... and want to find better ways of doing more w/ less.

    Just need to practice coloring this way some more. (but it is faster!)


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