Saturday, July 2, 2011

Almost there... stay on target...

Gonna call it a night, but I got a good amount of coloring done tonight. I should be able to finish it either tomorrow night, or Monday night. Not much left to shade... pants and abs, then It's complete.

Anyway... here's the current WIP.
Just about done.
Well, everyone enjoy the weekend, and check back either tomorrow or Monday night, and I should have this one wrapped up.

Nighty night!



  1. I like the hair! Looks great, Ben. And you know you won't be working on this Sunday night...we're going to be neck-deep in Mike's. Member? You member.

  2. Ok... yeah... you were right... I didn't work on it on Sunday. I had planned to work last night, but after getting the kids home (much later than I was expecting - but we did have some fun watching the fireworks), I laid down for a minute, and almost fell asleep. So... Tuesday night it is!

  3. I love her...and your art has come a long way since we first met. Almost 8 years ago!! (GAH!) You're awesome.


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