Friday, December 30, 2011

Kid Leather – His wallet says “B.M.F.”

Hey ARTfans!

Well, Day 4 of my 30 Day ARTed Challenge! Here’s an image I worked up last night.

I’m not as happy w/ the shading on this one as I have been with some of my previous images. I think I rushed through this more than the other images… I was exhausted and my back was buggin’ me by the time I finally had a chance to sit down at the drawing table last night... (Ok, so we had a plumbing emergency yesterday, and let’s just say I spent a good couple of hours trying to get our hallway carpet dry... It’s still damp this morning) *sigh*

Anyway, so that’s Kid Leather, in all his bovine glory! (He’s a minotaur, son. 100% Grade A Choice). And he’s one character you don’t want to end up on the wrong side of… ‘course… he really doesn’t have a ‘right’ side… better just to stay as far away as you can.

Here’s the “finished” Pencils for this image… (Notice how my pencils are becoming less ‘finished’ and more of a guideline for inking anymore… that’s interesting to me.)

And here’s the finished inks…

Well.. there’s Day 4 complete. I’ll probably take this weekend off, but I’ll certainly be back on Monday!

-Neb Out!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Aina – Sittin’ Pretty!

Hey ARTfans!

I hope you all had a good holiday (whatever you called it!) The kiddo’s made out like little bandits… and now it looks like the house exploded with toys. (Am I the only one that can’t wait till some of the batteries start wearing out, and the noise level around the house returns back to a manageable hum!)

Anyway, I have been thinking about my 30 day art challenge… and I was thinking about starting it at the first of the year. But thing is… I want to draw now. Right now. I need to practice. To move beyond the ‘character design’ phase of this project, and start really concentrating on the ‘characters’ themselves. To start boiling down their essences… and figure them out… both how to draw them, and how to make them relatable. We have created a very rich story. A very rich universe… populated by some interesting and dynamic characters. And it’s about time I start letting them outta the box a little. As Neil puts it… “it’s time to stop just gearing up our G.I. Joe’s, and time to start playing”.

So… as announcements go… here it is.

30 Day “Cartoon Style” ART Challenge

The rules: I will get an image up every week day. I am shooting for finished images (pencilled / inked / colored) up Monday – Friday (I am taking the weekends off to relax w/ the family – however, if I can sneak an image out, I will). They may not all be my best work. They may not all be pretty… but it’s all work. We’re gearing up for some MAJOR things in 2012… and I gotta bring my “A” game. It’s ON like an 8 Bit Donkey Kong!

So without further ado…

Day 3 - Aina

Here’s an image of Aina – (just in case you are wondering, it’s pronounced “EYE” – “EEE” – “NA”), I threw together last night. I am really enjoying coloring this way. I must say that I have not enjoyed coloring this much in a while. (It’s usually a chore!)


And for those interested, here’s the finished pencils:

And here are the finished inks:

Well, that’s all for today. See you guys tomorrow!

-Neb Out!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let’s get ready to…

Hey ARTfans!

Bringin’ you another fun image today. Threw the pencils for this down at lunch yesterday… and finished the rest yesterday afternoon. (I actually got to bed before midnight… ***SHOCK***)

I am exploring this cartoony style… and would actually like to throw down an image of all of our characters in this style… (Might just try to pull that off)… maybe that’s some sort of 30 day ART challenge I can do… hmmm…

Anyway… more on that later…

For now… enjoy a little Tuff-Love!!!


Merry Festivus everyone!!! I hope you all have a warm and wonderful holiday w/ your families and loved ones!

I’ll be back at it next week!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lunchtime (Extended) Sketchlings…

Well gang… I might be on to something…

I have been experimenting on and with a more ‘cartoony’ style. One that allows me a little more ‘wiggle room’, and that is easier / quicker to produce. I’ve taken several stabs at it over the last couple of months – and with a few minor exceptions, I haven’t been too impressed w/ what I have been producing.

I threw down the pencils at lunch… and inked/colored it tonight (once the kidlets were all nestled in their beds).

I gotta say… I likes it. There is some potential there. And there’s an added bonus in that I played w/ a slightly different coloring style (yet again)… that was actually very quick to produce… and the end result, was impressive (at least to me).

Well… without further ado’…

12-20-11  -  Celeste - Cartoon Aspirations

And because I know it doesn’t always come out when it’s smaller… here’s another one to show the detail a little better…

So… what’dya think?



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lunchtime Sketchling–12/20/11

Not too much today… just a quick sketch I whipped out at lunch. A style I’d like to continue to play with. Just trying to work out some of the kinks.


Now if I can just figure out this stoooopid HTLM5 / CSS website stuff… I’ll be in business… *grumble*

I hope to have one more post up this week. Then it’s a 4 day weekend w/ the family!

5 more days to go…

Keep warm everyone!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Reddest of Neb’s - Update

Howdy Gang,

I’m a little outside my schedule… again. I’ve made a slight transition from ‘production’ – the drawing and coloring of images, to ‘construction’.

We, (Ego Comics Infotainment Group), are working on a project, and I have had to replace my ‘artist monkey’ hat, with my ‘tech-monkey’ hat.

Since most of my free time has been tied up working on that… (I promise, I haven’t played Batman Arkham City once this week!!!), I haven’t been able to drop any drawrings on my blog.

I did uncover a finished piece that I did not post from last month.

So what does that mean… a FREEBIE POST!!! When I didn’t really have anything else to post today… WooHoo!!!

Here’s the finished, colored character drawing for The Red Neb.

He’s got a story… or two to tell…

What ya’ guys think?



Friday, December 9, 2011

Slackin’ for the Holidays…

Ok. I admit it. I’ve been slackin’ the last couple of weeks. There’s no excuse for it.

The ‘fat man’, made an early stop, (a Festivus Miracle!!), and dropped off Batman – Arkham City, and a Kinect. I know… I knew I was a good boy this year… but WOW!!

So guess what me and the family have been doing for the last couple of nights… That’s right… jumping around like a bunch of weirdos in front of the family TV!

Dade has been slicing up a storm w/ Fruit Ninja, and Leia’s dancing along w/ a demo for Dance Central 2! Even Coop’s got in on the action.

Yeah… I know… I ruined Festivus! Not to fret… that is not the only thing that the ‘Fat Man’ is bringing the kids… I have it on very good authority that he’s making another late night stop on the 24th.

Now, while I did admit that I haven’t been doing much… it doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything.
Here’s a little something that I created the other day at work.

Here’ ya go… something fun…
Stomping Ground Maze-FINISHED

I’m probably going to be holding back a bit of what I do over the next couple of weeks, at least until after the holidays. I can’t tell you why… (It’s a secret!)

That’s all I got for today…

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!!


Friday, December 2, 2011

A Girl and a Dragon

Hey Gang!

Here are a few images I’ve been working on. Turns out I think we’re scrapping this one… but I’m still happy w/ the work… so I figured I’d post these anyway.

Here’s the initial pencils. This was actually done in two parts… the girl was on one sheet of paper, and the dragon was on another. I slapped them together in PS. I still had a few things I was trying to work out… which you’ll see in the next image.

Here are a few of the changes I made. Repositioning the right arm, and changing the gauntlets a little, and the shape of the blade in her right hand.

And here are the inks. I haven’t finished this, and realized somewhere along the line, that I still didn’t know what I wanted to do w/ her bodysuit. I had a few ideas… but nothing that really worked the way I wanted to.

I was however, really happy with the Dragon’s head. I think I’m gonna attack this one again later. I still have some ideas that I want to try out.

Still happy w/ a lot of the work on this… just a shame it didn’t quite work out how I needed it to. But it’s still work and practice.

Till next Tuesday…


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bad Motor Scooter–Revisited!

Hey gang!

First up, I hope everyone had a good Turkey Day. Did everyone “get stuffed” like I did?

Oh, and I’m sorry for missing last Friday’s post. I just ran outta time between Turkey Day, and spending some much needed time with the wife & kidlets! But I’m back on schedule, and here’s quick post (and a revisit) back to something I started in October – (Geez… I think it was October… I forget now).

Anyway, I finally got in there, and finished up the inks for Celeste and her Bad Motor Scooter. Ultimately, I’m pretty pleased w/ how they turned out, and I’m very anxious to get in and color this piece.

What do ya’ guys think?

Anyone?? Anyone… *tap*…*tap*… is this thing on? Bueller? Bueller?

Well… that’s all for this time. I’ll have another post up this Friday, and I’m hoping to wrap up a few images this week, so that should give me a few posts worth of goodies for ya’ all.

Yikes… is it really almost December already? Really??


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Domo Arigato… Mr. Roboto

Hey gang!

This last week hasn’t been as productive on the ‘art’ side as I would have liked.  Which isn’t to say we haven’t gotten anything done… just means I haven’t been able to concentrate on getting any drawrings done… doubly frustrating since I’m so close to being finished with this project. And of course with Turkey Day coming up this week… I’m not expecting any huge leaps forward this week either… but who knows… maybe I will get a little batch of time, and something may just escape.

Here’s the artwork for my first post of the week. Pencils and Inks for one of our robot friends. They go by the name RanGar. (An amalgamation of their creators names) They come in a variety of configurations… but this is the ‘standard’ model.

Pencils first:

And… finished inks:

And here’s a sketch I did a while back for an ‘alternate’ variation… basically with a different 'load-out’ of parts. (Just having some fun w/ the model designations – and extra points to anyone who gets the references):

Guess that’s all for this time.

Hope everyone has a good Turkey Day!!!


-Neb Out!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Just a couple of questions for my readers! (all 2 of you! haha)

OK, I’ve admitted that I’m kinda a newb when it comes to the whole ‘blogging’ thing. My wife, Wendi, has got this thing down… but her target demographic is a bit different than mine. And while I have certainly appreciated her attempts at ‘pimping’ my blog out to her fans/followers… I am interested in getting ‘out there’ on my own too (and in finding my audience)

Do any of you have any good ideas on how to promote (get more followers / readers / comments) for MY blog?

And if you are reading it… and if you enjoy it… let me know! Or, if you have ideas on how I can make it better… please, PLEASE give me some ideas!

What do you want to see / know? What have you enjoyed of the stuff I’ve showed you so far, and what haven’t you liked?

How bad do I really suck at this whole art thing…

I need to know… and knowing is half the battle!

You have your mission… not get to it!

That is all.


-Neb Out!

Friday, November 18, 2011

A sneaky, sneaking… sneak!

Swiper… no swiping.

Hey gang! I got another one for ya’ this week. I finished the coloring on him, and was pretty happy w/ the results.

Here are two versions of the initial pencil sketch for Shlimlob. Obviously the one on the right is more polished.

And here is the finished inks.

And lastly… the finished colors.

I was pretty happy w/ the ‘sickly’ green that I used on him. Turned out better than I was expecting.

That’s it for this time.

Check back next Tuesday!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Cutesy Shenanigans…

Hey gang! I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but I’m trying to keep up on posting stuff on a somewhat regular basis. I think I’ve settled on a Tuesday / Friday schedule. That way I get 2 posts in a week, and feel like I’m keeping active on this. Also, in an effort to spend the time to actually blog, I’m gonna try and spend one night doing the posts, and the rest of the nights doing the artwork (I’m using the ‘scheduling’ function to space things out. That way I can concentrate on the work, and do a batch of posts, and schedule them out in order to keep a regular blogging schedule. We’ll try it out for a bit, and see how it works.


Well, I have been working on the last batch of characters for my little project. And I’m happy to say that as of last week, I have finished all the inking for everyone… that means I’m in the home stretch of coloring (4 of them left) and I can close the book on my portion of our collected character entries. I’ll still have a fair amount of work on the back-end, marrying the pictures to the actual write-ups for everyone… but the bulk of the ‘hard work’ will be done. Also, once I finish up this project, I’m devoting myself to overhauling our websites ( and Both have been in serious need of some updated content (not to mention a fresh coat of paint). I’m hoping to have all that wrapped up by the end of the year (but it’s gonna depend a little on how difficult it is to implement our ideas) Don’t worry tho’, I will be assimilating this blog into, so you’ll still be able to get your bi-weekly dose of Neb-ishness!


I’ll be posting some more artwork in the next couple of days… but for today, I though I would continue with something in the vein of what I posted last week. This image I actually did late last year. As a little surprise for Neil. Turns out he really dug it, and we almost scrapped everything we were doing to re-jigger the entire story to tell in this style. There are parts of me that still wanna do just that! I love playing in this world.

Anyway, here is the initial pencil sketch I did… this is where it all started.

Really loose, and quick sketch… but this kinda solidified what I was trying to do.

Here is the finished Image. Or at least as finished as I was able to make it when I presented to Neil. The idea, was that it was kinda of a take on our stuff (Stomping Ground) through the eyes of Shag.

I decided, that for Christmas, I’d make up a couple of shirts w/ these guys as well. Here is the front of the shirt that we came up with…

And here is the back of the shirt.

And just for good measure… here’s me wearing my shirt!

We ordered these through Zazzle, and were really happy with how they came out.

Hmm… I should probably get my Zazzle store back up and running too… and offer these up again.

Well, that’s it for this time.

Hope everyone has enjoyed another funny/campy take on our Stomping Ground characters. I’ll steer this thing back towards some real work next time, and hopefully I can get the rest of these guys colored in short order.

Till next time,


Friday, November 11, 2011

He’s so Cuuuute!

Every once in a while… I accidentally create something cool… even if I’m not really trying. That’s the case here. I sat down at lunch the other day to do a little sketching. Sketched out something that I was trying to get done (I’ll post that soon), and had a little extra time. I always enjoy doing these little goofy, kid versions of some of our characters.
I don’t know why I do it, I guess it just me feel better to think of some of these big, smelly slabs of beef, as an awkward, silly kids versions of themselves. That’s what happened today.
Kid Leather – one of our bigger, and badder bad-asses. (See below)
…turns out like this…

Initial pencil sketch!

All inked up!

When I showed this to Wendi… she said “Awwwww… he SOOOO CUTE!”
Well there ya’ have it.
Gruff and Grumbly… meets Cute and Cuddly.
Hope you all enjoy!
-Neb Out!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Here’s………… Johnny!

Hey gang. Welcome to another “I just ARTed” blog post!

Well… today we’re gonna set our sights on another one of our older characters. This guy has been around w/ us for a long, long time. And he’s undergone some pretty big changes over the years. Here’s my attempt at kicking off some of the dust, and putting my best foot forward.

Enter Mr. E. (oh, and sorry about the title… his name is not ‘Johnny!’)

I loved the idea that this is based on. Here’s the initial pencil sketch.

And here are the finished Inks… the marionettes were so much fun!

Finished colors. It was a quick and dirty color job. I wish I had had a little more time to really work on the marionettes (I wanted to weather them, and give them chipped paint)

Well… that’s it for today.

Check back next time… for another installment of “Oops… I just ARTed!”


Sunday, November 6, 2011

An Unstoppable Force

…meets an immovable deadline…

Ah yes… time is always against me. There’s never enough of it… One of these days I’m gonna run out of it completely… And yet… I still waste time worrying about the fact that I’m wasting time… It’s a vicious circle.

Alright. So here’s a super hero concept we’ve had around for a long, long time. This character has taken on a much larger dimension / importance in our story than he was ever really envisioned for… (most of our characters end up doing that). But suffice to say… he’s large… and in charge. He’s one of the greats!

He’s Force!

And here are the finished Inks…

And just for funsies:

Here is the last image I did of him earlier this year. Kinda wanted to start from scratch with him (didn’t really do that as much as I was anticipating) We changed up a few things w/ his origin and such… so I wanted to just jump in and take another whack at him… as I said… I didn’t stay too far from the mark… (at least not from what you can see here… wait till I get him colored up… bwahahaha…

That’s it for now… I’m outta here…


Friday, November 4, 2011

A new character… a progression...

Alrighty gang! Hope everyone is getting used to it being November… ALREADY! Does it feel like this year is just sorta slipping by to anyone else? Already November??? Really???

Oh well… enough of that, and on to the good stuff!

A few weeks ago Neil asked me to come up with a name and an image for a new character. He gave me a few key details… but let me loose to come up w/ the rest.

Bale Mystronimo - First Attempt

I named him Bale, and I knocked out this first attempt during a lunch hour at work. After divulging his plan/intentions to me for the character… and I got to thinking about him a bit more… I sat down and revised my original concept a bit. But the original sketch still stands as a solid ‘jumping off point.’

I think I posted these before... But here is the re-conceptualized version. I skewed a little younger looking, with larger eyes, and more of a quirky nature. And adapted the idea to what I now knew about the character.

Finished inks for the new sketch.

And here are the finished colors. I am probably the most proud with the shading on his face. I think that this was my best facial shading/highlights to date.

Well… until next time…


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloweenies

Hey gang.

Hope everyone had an exciting and spooky Halloween! Our 3 kiddos had a great time… and Cooper really got caught up in the whole idea of ‘free candy!!’


Now… the only thing left is to eat all this candy… and of course put away all the decorations we put up.


Well, in other news… I have been working on quite a few sketches over the last couple of weeks… more than I can post here… so I’ve decided in an effort to post more regularly… I’m going to do a big batch of posts today, and schedule them to post over the next couple of days. So… with that said… on to the first sketch:

Here is the initial pencil sketch I did (I had to scan it in 2 pieces because I sketched it in my ‘big’ sketchbook). I just had an idea for a cheesy kinda cheesecake type image… girl on a bad motor scooter… how can that be bad?

There were a few things I really like, and a few things I was still a little up in the air about… so I ended up going in an re-penciling a good portion of the bike, and tightening up some of the details around her face and hair. Hence the ‘revised’ version below.

Now… obviously, I have not finished the inks on this yet. But you can see the revised pencils in there. I got a bit more work to do on this image… and I will definitely be posting an update to this as soon as I get it wrapped up.

Well… that’s about it for this post… should be a few more coming shortly!

Thanks for checkin’ it out!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hey... Artist Guy... Stop Schleppin' around!!

Hey gang,

Dangit... getting a little behind on my posting again...

I am still trying to find my 'voice' with the whole blog thing. The girls (Wendi - The Makeup Zombie & Megan - Kitschy Suburbia both) have managed to pull this off beautifully... And of course... I'm tryin' to pursue a similar goal, and wrestling with the time to add the additional "blogging", to my already hectic/cramped schedule. My guess is my years spent as a nerd-goober haven't really done me any good, at least not socially... And really, how do you make this whole social networking thing work, if yer' not the most social of butterflies? We keeps trying...

But I digress... 

A quick update on the state of 'things'... Wendi had a miscarriage last week. She's fine. Better than fine, really. We were excited about having another kiddo. But it was also not unlike a freight train... coming at us. We would have happily/excitedly embraced another baby into our family. But the fact that we're NOT having another one... well... that's ok too. Which isn't to make light of it... by any means. I feel for anyone who's been through this, and I'm still amazed at how well Wendi handled it. All I'm trying to say... is she's ok, and we're ok... happy to still be a happy little 'party of five', and ok with dodging that automatic 15% gratuity every time we all went to a restaurant...  

Wendi, as always... yer' amazing. I love you!

And after that mush-fest... let's get on to some goodies.


I've been at it for the last couple nights (been a little out of sorts for the last week or so), but things have been turning around, and getting a little better.

First up... the finished colors for one of our characters, Geela Dom (pencils and ink can be seen in my last post)

I'm getting a little faster with the colors, and still learning some tricks here and there. Overall, pretty happy with this one...

So, Neil has been buggin' me to do this picture of Tuff for a while now. I'm pretty sure the tagline here is something akin to "You. Want. This!" Here's the finished pencils. Still a little unsure about the muscles... just kinda doodled them in... 

And here are the finished colors for Tuff. I realize the shading is a little off on his right arm. That was kinda buggin' me. Hopefully I'll get that figured out, and next time it won't look so awkward (at least to me).

And finally, here is a sketch I've been working up to for a while now. Finally, dropped a decent-ish sketch of The Red Neb... took me weeks to finally settle on an image that I wanted to finish up.

And here are the inks I finished last night. I'm actually pretty happy with my inking on this one. Can't wait to get this colored.

That's about it for tonight... I'm sure there's more sketches and doodles lying around that I could toss up here... but I'm getting tired, and fighting my eyelids to stay open right now.

Hope you all enjoy!

-Nebbish Out!

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